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One year later…

One year ago this month, I decided to have my eggs frozen, and last July, I had my first consult with my fertility doctor.  Subsequent testing and genetic screening gave the “all clear” to proceed. But then, life being what it is, those plans were delayed for a time. Now I am finally able to move forward!  My boyfriend and I are actually going to fetilize eggs and freeze embryos, rather than just eggs, due to a 20% greater chance of a successful pregnancy with embryos versus eggs. I may actually do half embryos and half eggs, but that determination will be made once we see how many eggs are successfully retrieved.

But first things first.  Yesterday, I picked up my birth control pills, so I am ready to begin the process on Day 1 of my next cycle! My body being as unpredictable as it is, that could occur anytime in the next two weeks.  I am ridiculously excited over starting this process.  I’ve actually surprised myself by how excited I am, for someone who was previously set on not having children. But we do change as we journey through life, and the right person to journey with can make a huge difference in perspective.

I do not regret my decision to have my tubes tied several years ago, even though it makes getting pregnant a major production now.  Doing so gave me an amount of control over exactly when I get pregnant (very important in my current career), and a corresponding decreased level of stress over my sexual life, that I would not have otherwise.  It also means the opportunity to more easily screen for things such as Down syndrome, that become a greater risk due to my age (40 this year).  And, though it may be a controversial idea to some, it also offers the opportunity for gender selection.  Given my age and the likelihood that I will only go through this process once, this has great appeal to us.

The next four weeks or so shouldn’t be too bad.  Boyfriend is so far handling well the concepts of his part in this process. Hopefully, that will continue as he actually gets into doing what he needs to.  However, he’s only grudgingly agreed to help me with the shots when it’s time for the stim hormones those last couple weeks of the process. He doesn’t like needles!  But he’s willing to at least try to help me with that part.  In the meantime, we’re impatiently awaiting the arrival of Day 1….