PontificaMuse was established on May 20, 2014, as an outlet for my contemplation of life and curiosity of how this endeavor might evolve.

I am a 38-year-old divorced woman with no children and a love/hate relationship with my career. I’ve lived what I suppose some might consider an interesting life, and I’ve had opportunities to travel quite a bit, though there are always more places to go! I’ve made more than my share of bad choices and managed to survive them all, ostensibly now as a stronger person.

I’ve managed to keep myself healthy and fit by lifting weights and abusing myself with the occasional half-marathon, and I strive to “eat clean” most of the time. (Though I refuse to give up my two biggest vices – wine and chocolate!) Up until a month ago, I was blissfully dismissive of my advancing age, as I neither feel nor look like I’m approaching 40. But in May 2014, I found myself forced to acknowledge that reality, and the fog of my midlife crisis engulfed me without warning! This blog was conceived as my outlet for the countless questions and ideas now chasing each other around in my head.

If you follow me through this journey, I hope you will find something with which to relate or commiserate. You may even have the opportunity to laugh with me (or at me) as I ponder my life, such as it is. The goal is not to create a site for encouragement and feel-good clichés, though that may, at times, be a happy accidental result. Rather, my goal is to be honest with myself about the questions I have, to find answers I may not yet know I need, and to explore my own opinions about all sorts of things without worrying about what others think. Basically, I want to rediscover who I am, who I want to be, and what really matters as I embark on the next half of my life. I expect it to be a very random and non-linear journey!

I am introverted, pessimistic, skeptical, and more than a little warped from my unique set of life and work experiences. (But really, who isn’t, in their own way?)  I can guarantee that I will at times be politically incorrect or overly blunt in my observations, and I may inadvertently offend an occasional reader. But I foresee the greater majority gaining something positive from the sharing of our experiences at this midlife juncture. At the very least, I hope you’ll be amused by my pontifications and musings on life!

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